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sage fly rods

видео размещено 12.12.2016
видеоролик просмотрен : 655

sage fly rods

for those of you who have seen our photos sage fly rods of the night thank you for the wonderful advice and hands first notice of his team last night was the death of sage rods for all of us in the cinema mucky of course we ll get it fixed like everyone else but it is the path of wisdom leads statements we have in the manner of death when you break a sage rod you will pay 60 00 automatically terminated sage fly rods after you pay the fee and submit your rod rod sage plant which will begin the process to wait at least 4 6 weeks regarding the story of the day i fished nymphs sage fly rods in my sage xi3 because my xp is broken sage for 6 weeks after a hook tip very soft erupted in september and emotion got the best of me bo jackson fucking pos at that moment sage fly rods i vowed to never buy another product sage rod in my life some of you may say hey all poles in shape so we ll end it my 10 ft 4 weight sage xp is my baby after a very rare incident last year broke the tip on it sage rod i sent in february and did not return until mid march happy to have the stem favorite pulled back with a friend to the gallatin near big sky sage fly rods the fifth cast of the rod broke in the same place as before outraged i immediately called rods sage and explained the situation to a manager in the department of returns i said i could not do anything and i have to send it for repair they charged me 60 00 again and i waited patiently for 6 weeks for my bid sage fly rods as an independent guide that i am responsible for the supply of equipment for all my clients all the guides we use sage mucky movies religiously and sent to all our customers for them and this is how they treat us no team i have not traveled auctions sage has always been my sage fly rods first choice to use and recommend
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